What is Don't Starve Airborne? Edit

Don't starve Airborne is a Personal Idea i have for a Don't Starve DLC, Taking place in the skies of the Don't Starve world and adding a new twist to one of the most popular DS mods, Up and Away. This new world with introduce new mechanics like Blimps, Planes and for the first time ever, Building terrain. You'll dive deeper into the lore of these Mysterious Floating Islands and the Beings of this Mystical Realm beyond the Clouds.

Gameplay Edit

Much like Shipwrecked, you will be traveling through the sky with a new form for transportation, and in this occasion, you will be riding blimps, Hot Air Balloons, Hovercrafts and Planes. These can be crafted like boats but will require different types of materials found on the island. At first you are able to create a Hot Air Ballon but with more Valuable Materials and a Science Machine you are able to Create Blimps and Eventually planes.

Vehical Stats Discription Crafting
Hot Air Balloon Speed: 1 (Speed of Log Raft)

Health: 350

Equip Slots: Light Slot

Fuel: N/A

float above the Misty Sea of clouds 4x Helium Bud

4x Sticks

6x Grass

Zippy Zepplin Speed: 2.5

Health: 400

Equip Slots: Light, Jet

Fuel: N/A

Cruising the clouds at a faster speed 4x Hydrogen Metal

4x Helium Bud

3x Electrical Dodad

High Hover Speed: 4

Health 350

Equip Slots: Light, Fuel

Hover at High Speeds 4x Hydrogen Metal

10x Helium Buds

2x Crystal Shards

Tri - Plane

Speed: 5

Health: 500

Equip Slots: Light, Fuel, Weapon, Propeller

- Unable to Stop

+ Equip Special Turrets for attacking monsters

+ Equip Special Propellers for harvesting or rushing enemies.

Fuel: Wood, Sticks, Grass, Coal, Oil

+ Custom B Movie like music when Fighting a boss with plane

Claim the Sky as your own 4x Electrical Dodad

6x Hydrogen Metal

1x Dragon Heart

Rugrat's Ride Speed: 3.5

Health 400

Equip Slot: Weapon, Fuel, Light, Propeller

- Can't Stop Moving

+ Long Lasting Fuel

+ Slowly Regain Sanity

Fuel: Gold nugget = 10 Minutes

"We loved Riding these things at the Market!"

- Webber

Can't Be Crafted, Can be Found in the Birdmen's Stronghold

Bosses Edit


  • A Humanoid Body with the Many legs of a Centapede
  • Has a Powerful Crystal Hammer
  • Spawns in the Thunder Season
  • Health: 2500
  • Attacks
    • Charge: Charges at player and swings a Giant Crystal Hammer, Destroying any trees,Stones and Structures
    • Storm Call: Holds Hammer into the air and gets struck by lighting, The begins to run around and leaves a trail of Sparks and will electrify the player if attack in this state.
    • Pollution: Spawns a Puddle of Poison

Drops: 7 - 11 Exoskeleton, 7-15 Centataur Legs, 0 - 3 Crystal Shards, 0 - 1 Topaz of Lightning


  • A Gigantic Spider with 4 legs that reach the surface of the world
  • Has a Frozen Eye
  • Spawns in the Frost Season.
  • Health: 3000
  • Attacks
    • Frost: Breaths a of Nitrogen Gas Being able to freeze the player's Vehicle for a short time.
    • Beam: Fires a pair of Beams in a Spiraling Pattern
    • Hatch: Burps up an Eggsack and hatches a small group of Nitrawkens (Frozen Hawks/Spiders)
  • Drops: 0 - 1 Frostbitten Beak, 0-1 Sapphire of Frost, 5 - 10 Frozen Tears, 2 Withered Wings

Emberconda (Snake/Dragon/Volcano)

  • serpent like dragon
  • Has Small Volcanoes on its back
  • Spawn is the Solar Season

Unlockable Characters Edit

Winnie: An Innocent Shepherd who lives in the Cloudy Grazing grounds

Wortox: Demon of the Sky

Wavery: Wicked Witch of the Upper Sky High

Walden: Retired Aviator of the Second World War and raises a KamaKhameleon (Kamakaze/Chameleon)

Wonder: A Survivor who has lost his memory and for many long years has drifted through the skies of Don't Starve, Nothing more than just an Idea. Until Now...

Biomes Edit

Flower Garden: A field of flowers which is where the player commonly spawns on

Crystal Plateau: A Plateau elevated high above the clouds, With rocks and Crystals for crafting