J.H. "Trader" Slick is the wicked merchant of Jumanji, who sells items to anyone who can meet the terms of his transactions, and has been known to sell simple tools to rare and powerful artifacts to a vast clientele throughout the series. after aline escaped jumanji bussness got kinda slow so one day Maxwell aproched him and gave him a chance to sell to a how new clinent tell.


any item that can be found in the game you can buy from slick but there are some items only he can give you so lets look at them

ChronoRepeater allows one to go back to the begeing of the day to undo mistakes or avode death.

big potion makes things biger.

shrink potiom

love potion all creatures love you half a day

spellbook of Jumanji let you use spells


if you attack slicks trading post hill come at you with his mashety he is invisible and relitly fast