Lunar Edomae is a character from my brides a mermaid. she is a mermaid and childhood friend and rival of Sun. She has used the powers of her mermaid voice to become an idol singer. got sent to the don't starve unives after beating out Maxwell for a big performance for visting roalty.

back grownedEdit

luna is a mermaid talented mermaid from a prestiges family and she used her magical voice to become a pop idle. she became extremely popular and eventuly became a national tresher of sorts. when a visting dignitary came luna was asked to play for him a roul that wood have gone to Maxwell if not for her he crashed the consert and sent her to his world out of spite. she use the verything that got her there to survibe her magic voice. now howning her vocal cords she lets out with one mission defeat Maxwell and be the first pop star to make a come back tour from the dead.

prose and conesEdit

luna is a strong charater with many perts and few notable cons.

she as a power full sonic scream that can nock back even the largest enemys(the ancient garden being the only exeption)

she can swim in water allowing axes to hiden or secret location and ther binifits.

she doesn't need mutch food(she's still young eats less them aboults).

she is very fast and has high saint(she comes from a world of mobsters and talking fish she doesn't get scared of freaked out easy)

Merm's will not attack her and she can befriend them mutch the same way you can be friend pigs(the cents her fish hairitig).

she has a large sulaction of songs with vairing special effects. see lunar's songs for more details

but if cout in rain she is stuk in her marmaid for and her mobility is gratly redused. she is kind of weak but the large range and nock back of her sonic scream largly negates this.

manji voodoo dollEdit

if lunar reseves a manji voodoo doll she will get a few new abilitys her shadow becomes a follower a manifestation of her split personity it has unlited health only dieing if she does. will not turn into a mermaid in the rain and the calst of her songs is reduced by have.



ate first lunar fot wendy was a freak because of her mordid personalidy and chaniling of the dead but after seeing the close family bond the to share ahe is deeply toched her own family not being very close. and later saved them from the wolfs when wendy a=was cout out at night and asked if they could be friends. wendy and agila in comparison are huge fans of lunar and where very exited to mat her a in person and to have her around.