manji's where a tribe native to Jumanji but Maxwell wanted to see how they would interact with his gest. so he barowed them. they come in tree tipes worrie chief and shamin


they are the most common type of manji the travul in grate numbers and fight with spears. they have every high defence and can trow spears at fleeing opponits they are not attivly hostle and will help if they see you getting attacked but if you get to close while ther hunting or interfere with sed hunt they will become hostle.


tribal bob is the chief of the manji like the pig king you can trad seeming usless items with him but for magic gems not gold.


the shaman are the hillers of the manji if they find the player has less than 30% health hill heal them. also if you bring him 20 red gems hill give you a manji voodoo doll. its effect verse depending on the player ogmenting there speace abilitys.