Pork is a neutral enemy added into Animalistic Arrival.

Pork from a front view


Pork is a white stork with a light brown beak and feet. Its beak has a pig-like snout at the end. It has a long neck and a small pig tail. Its eyes are bulgy and have a fat line-shaped pupil. On the top of its head is a red mohawk that changes shape if it's aggressive or hurt.


Average Porks are usually seen in groups of three to five, but they can be seen alone. They are normally peaceful, innocent creatures that walk away from you if you move at them, but attacking them causes the whole flock of Porks to become aggressive, murderous creatures.

If attacked, they will kill anything in their vicinity. They usually spawn in Grasslands and, rarely, Forests. They appear in Spring and stay until the end of Summer. Porks will stay hostile until they are killed or they are put to sleep by a Pan Flute. Using the One-man Band on them makes them follow you, but they won't do anything.

As they are classified as pigs, they have a love for mushrooms. Feeding five mushrooms of any type to a Pork causes it to lay an egg. The egg, much like other eggs, can be cooked into food or put into recipes. Porks will also eat Red Mushrooms, which can cause them to take heavy damage or even die. When they die, they drop one to three Pig Skins and two Drumsticks.


  • The Pork's name is a pun on "stork" and "pig".
  • Porks resemble a whooping crane or a sandhill crane.
  • They can become aggressive if they wake up from the Pan Flute's effects while neutral.