Washy is a character added into Animalistic Arrival.

His menu


Washy is dressed like an obvious captain. He has a red coat, a black pirate hat with a typical jolly roger on it, a hook for his right hand and a peg leg for his left leg. He has an eye patch, a large black beard and a scar on the left side of his head. He is voiced by a flute and his nickname is "The Captain".


Not much is known about Washy except that he's a pirate captain and that he possibly crashed his ship into the Don't Starve world while he was looking for treasure.

Pros and ConsEdit

Washy starts with the Flintlock Pistol. He is very slow as he has a peg leg, being two times slower than an average person. His hunger is 250, however, and his health is 150. While he is terrible at speed, he makes up for it in having 200 sanity. Overall, he's pretty bad at kiting.

This pirate's good at close combat since he has a hook. His hook deals 25 damage. Along with this, his hook has a slashing animation. As a result, his damage range is a little shorter than a standard punch. Despite this, Washy's hook is faster than a punch. His Flintlock Pistol is good at hitting faraway enemies and deals 70 damage. However, firing it every 3 times makes you have to reload. This takes between 2 minutes or 5 minutes, as it is often randomized.

Unfortunately, because of Washy's reputation on the high seas, he is often attacked by Pirats. They only attack at Summer and only attack if Washy is on a multiplayer server or if someone is playing as Washy and it's Summer. Even if Washy isn't on a server or you don't play as him, they still land on the Don't Starve world, except they steal stuff. Their ship often comes at either the start or the middle of Summer, so prepare yourself.

Overall, Washy is a good character.


  • Originally, Washy's name was Wyatt.
  • In his idle animation, he cleans his hook.
  • He was the first character revealed on the Animalistic Arrival teasers.
    • Despite this, Wukong's page was made first.
      • It also seems like the two are opposites of each other stat-wise.
  • It's unknown what Washy's actual backstory is.