Wiggy is a character added to the Animalistic Arrival update.



Wiggy is a male wearing a cartoon dinosaur suit. It is green with purple spines running down its back. The costume also has a big upper lip and sharp teeth.

Not much can be seen about his actual appearance, but he usually keeps his mouth open.


  • HP: 300
  • Attack Power: x1
  • Hunger: 150
  • Sanity: 150

Special PowerEdit

Wiggy, due to his suit, has a lot more health than other characters. Unfortunately, he can't wear hats due to the mask (which isn't an accessory). He overheats quicker, but freezes even slower.

His ability is, by pressing whatever you assigned the Special key to, closing his dinosaur head. With this, his health is increased to 350 and can do more damage with punches by headbutting, dealing 40 damage per headbutt. However, the screen is dark as if you were at night on a "the fire is getting a bit low" campfire. You also overheat way quicker, and almost never freeze. Luckily, you can't die from Charlie because the visible area is actual light. Along with that, you can finally wear hats. Unfortunately, you can't eat, you can't inspect objects, you slowly lose sanity (2 per minute), and all sounds are muffled. You can toggle between both, allowing you to save yourself in a tight situation.


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  • If you open the mouth while wearing a hat, it will drop as an item.
  • He is voiced by a kazoo.