Here is a list of quotes by Wiggy:

Interaction With ResourcesEdit


  • Evergreen: Green like my suit!
  • Lumpy Evergreen: Green, but not cool.
  • Birchnut: Reminds me of my favorite childhood book.
  • Burning Tree: The green is gone!
  • Burnt Tree: It's hot still.
  • Cut Tree: Hey! Give me my green back!


  • Boulder: Can't fit in my pocket. Or this mouth.
  • Flint Boulder: Ooh, sharp!
  • Plugged Sinkhole: That rock looks odd.
  • Stalagmite: This is a pointy rock.
  • Glacier: Brrr!


  • Grass: Blades, but I can't kill with them.
  • Picked Grass: Aw, now they're dull.
  • Berry Bush: I'm pretty sure these are poisonous.
  • Bush: Did I eat them? I forgot.
  • Sapling: Small trees, but where's the green?
  • Dead Sapling: I wonder if it will grow back.


  • Pond: I'm not jumping in.
  • Flower: Pretty!


  • Rabbit Hole: Endless. I wonder how many I can find.
  • Collapsed Rabbit Hole: Not so endless anymore!
  • Burrow: I see some furry things.
  • Hollowed Stump: Now who could like yarn this much?
  • Pig House: This was originally a green tree. For shame.
  • Abandoned House: This is a waste.
  • Rabbit Hutch: Looks delicious!
  • Hound Mound: What's in there?
  • Spider Den: Looks like it would make a great rug.
  • Bee Hive: I better not anger the bees.
  • Spilagmite: It's a trap!
  • Slurtle Mound: It's all sticky!
  • Splumonkey Pod: Just need the bottom pieces now.



  • Rabbit: How many can I catch?
  • Redbird: What beautiful birds.
  • Snowbird: From Spring to Winter.
  • Crow: Evil!
  • Butterfly: Do they go good on toast?
  • Glommer: Is that a Beerd?
  • Gobbler: Only a few more months, little birdy.
  • Mandrake: What a cute plantimal.
  • Raised Dirt: What could be down there?
  • Moleworm: I hate these things already.
  • Chester: This has halitosis!


  • Pig: Don't go zombie mode on me.
  • Bunnymen: He was right!
  • Beefalo: Lots of fur I could warm myself with.
  • Volt Goat: Time to farm these.
  • Catcoon: Meow.
  • Slurtle: Even more sticky.
  • Bee: Keep it away from me.
  • Koalefant: I want the big ears.
  • Pengull: Where's their fancy bow tie?
  • Rock Lobster: It's not a rock!
  • Krampus: I wasn't naughty! Don't steal me!


  • Bearger: I remember these things were smaller!
  • M/Goose: I hope those antlers don't hit me.
  • Mosling: How cute.
  • Deerclops: Just looking at him makes me cold.
  • Dragonfly: Ooh, a dragon. Or is it a fly?
  • Tree Guardian: I'm sorry for angering you, Mr. Tree sir!
  • Poisonous Birch Tree: Has a scary face.
  • Spider Queen: Is it friendly? I hope so.
  • Ancient Guardian: A fuzzy rhino.

Basic QuotesEdit

  • When engaged in battle: Come at me!
  • When hungry: I hear growling.
  • When eating a health-reducing food: I feel sick....